Growth Mindset Posters

We have been working on some growth mindset posters to go around the site. We hope they will inspire our students and help them realise that effort, learning from failure, grit, determination, resilience and practice are the keys to success. Here’s our efforts so far!

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Download the PowerPoint here: Posters.

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17 thoughts on “Growth Mindset Posters

  1. Reblogged this on stpaulslearning and commented:
    Fantastic quotes and posters to inspire!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. What a great way to make an engaging learning environment!

  3. […] has produced a series of excellent posters like the one above – they can be downloaded here.  We have personalised them for DHS and every week a new one goes up on the ‘Mindset […]

  4. marvinsuggs says:

    Loving the posters Chris. Naturally have nicked them and will return the favour with a selection of my own classroom display posters along the same vein. Do you dropbox?

  5. marvinsuggs says:

    Thanks as always. Loving the Wall of excellence. see if you can access my classroom posters – they may be of use – sharing and caring

  6. […] the school staff (and a good trawl of Twitter and Google!), made up into A3 sized plastic signs. You can see the whole collection here. One of the activities we will be running with young people is an “Inspiration Treasure […]

  7. elmasw says:

    Great job. What a great school!

  8. […] success. This is partly the result of the “famous failures” assembly and, yes, the growth mindset posters which highlight those people who have reached the top of their fields and also demonstrate a growth […]

  9. ac ullner says:

    Thank you for the resource!

  10. Thank you! #ministryofinspiration

  11. […] A few years back, I whipped up a set of posters with grit and endurance quotes and put them all over. Many could be found in our math classrooms, but they were also all around the hall near our area and in some other spots across campus like the cafeteria and the library. None of them had any traditional math content, but I liked the notion that a student would see a poster like this with our logo and think about the connection between. I started this set with a collection I found from another school, and for the life of me I can’t find that source right now. Chris Hildrew when he was at Chew Valley. […]

  12. C Sterman says:

    These are great! Thanks for the creativity.

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